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    How to change your default or old avatar


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    How to change your default or old avatar

    Post by Bladerboy on Sun Feb 01, 2009 12:44 pm

    "This announcement will explain how to change your default, or old avatar.
    First, find a picture gallery such as photobucket, or use a search engine like google. When you've found your desired picture, there is three ways to upload it:

    First one includes right clicking the desired picture and saving it to your computer, then in the avatar tab under your profile tab, browse for the picture you want and upload it as your avatar. (Most recommended)
    This method is the most usable as you may also upload pictures you've made yourself.

    Second one is to right click the desired picture and click properties. Where it says Image Location, highlight the whole line and copy it. Then on your avatar tab under your profile tab, paste this information where it says "Upload from a URL". This will upload the picture to our avatar server without having to save it to your computer. (Recommended for online pictures

    Lastly, the third way is much like the above, except you paste it into the "Link off of another site" section. This is not recommended as if the picture gets moved or deleted, your avatar suffers the same effect.

    That is a mini-tutorial on how to change your avatar."

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