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    Warning Gauge Empty Warning Gauge

    Post by Dragonzrkool on Sat Jan 31, 2009 4:00 pm

    Now some of you may have seen you got a gauge that says warning on your profile.

    This displays how much you've been warned. It increases as you break the rules. Hopefully it'll never increase at all.

    This runs off of a 3-strike rule. 3 times you are warned, you are banned. Serious offenses result in higher warning increase.

    No Warns Results in nothing (Green bar)
    1 Warn Results in nothing (Yellow bar)
    2 Warns Results in 1 week suspension and banned from the CB (Orange bar)
    3 Warns Results in banned from DHF.

    Warnings drop down in 20 days. If your warning has not dropped down and it has been 20 days, please send a PM to an admin or a mod and they will check about getting it fixed.

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