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    Post by Dragonzrkool on Thu Feb 26, 2009 10:19 am

    Click here to donate to DHF

    Why should you donate?

    Donating to DHF will allow us to get special things for the forum, such as a personalized domain name, better promotion, removal of ads, and a cleaner looking forum.
    All those who donate will earn status as a DHF donator, and be placed in their own special group.

    How will donating benefit me?

    As stated, we will be able to make DHF better known with its own personalized domain name and extra promotion. This could mean more members, and more friends to make. Smile
    Removal of ads comes the removal of nuisances. And thus make the forum look cleaner.

    Donating is 100% up to you. All contributions are appreciated.
    If you donate, be sure to leave your DHF username.

    Be HONEST.

    Dragonzrkool, Dragonhill founder

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