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    New Chatbox!


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    New Chatbox! Empty New Chatbox!

    Post by Dragonzrkool on Mon Feb 23, 2009 6:53 pm

    You may have noticed, that there is now a xatbox.

    This new chatbox has features such as:
    A youtube player
    Private Chat
    A more advanced banning system
    Sound alerts
    Ability to ignore other users.
    Personal Avatars
    Ability to hide cursing

    All that good stuff.

    You can use the simple version at the bottom of the homepage OR, you may use the full version with the games and other things by clicking the link below the embedded chatbox OR by clicking this: http://www.xat.com/chat/room/52242231/

    To use the xatbox:
    Click on your name (The top on the list) to change your personal options.
    Options such as changing your avatar and name.
    To change your name, simply type in a new name in the username box.
    To change your avatar, you may scroll through xatbox's preset avatars, or you may post the link to any image and it will be made your avatar (27x27 pixel will be the resized image output)
    Then there is a couple check boxes to set extra features, like hiding curse words.

    That is how to change your own settings.

    How to use other features:
    The full version contains the games, doodle, youtube, and other things.

    To private chat a user, ignore them, private message them, and other things, click on that user's name.
    A pop-up should appear with options. Each option is self-explanatory.

    This is a small tutorial on how to use the Xatbox. Hope you can enjoy DHF's new and advanced chatbox!

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    New Chatbox! Empty Re: New Chatbox!

    Post by deadlydans on Sat Feb 28, 2009 2:26 am

    the chatbox is awesome!

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