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    Dragonhill Forum Rules Empty Dragonhill Forum Rules

    Post by Dragonzrkool on Sat Jan 03, 2009 6:32 pm

    The rules are very important and must be read. Failure to read or follow the rules may result in warnings, suspensions or even being banned from the forums altogether. Don't break the rules and be a good member!

    #1: Do not flame, troll, or start fights. Flaming is where you start up with another user, posting back and forth with insults. It's pretty much insulting other users. Trolling is where you purposely set-up a post to attract flames. And fighting is pretty self-explanatory. If you are unsure you are being insulting to the other user or if your post may attract flames, do not publish your post. If you still want to publish your post, try re-wording it first.

    #2: Stay on-topic and don't spam. Spamming the forum to simply raise post count is prohibited. And don't make posts that barely contribute to the topic. Try to make posts that are helpful to the topic. Do not post in topics that have not received a post in 70 days. This is called bumping.

    #3: No porn, virus sites, and scam sites. Anyone caught posting any of this will receive an instant ban or a heavy warn.

    #4: No swearing. Granted they are filtered, but be nice. There are indeed some younger users who do not need to hear your constant swears. Swear at your own risk of getting warned.

    #5: No hacking. Very serious on this. Do not hack the forum. Do not attempt to hack the forum. Do not even talk about hacking the forum. Don't even talk about hacking in general. Banning and suspensions will be applied. Even worse may apply.

    #6: Don't beg for a moderator position or administrator position. You will receive a message asking if you are willing to take up the job. Anyone who begs for the position instead of simply following the rules and proving to be a good member, will automatically never get the opportunity to become one.

    Evading suspension results in being banned (All accounts). Evading banning results in harsher punishments. Do not EVER make an alt to avoid suspension and/or banning.

    Finally, follow these rules and enjoy your time!

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